Congolese Women in Business Seminar: Second Edition


ESIMBI is becoming one of the fastest and most recognised charities that works both in Congo and in the UK. 

We have worked with four schools in Congo and also have our own magazine showcasing the greatness of Congolese people worldwide.

Our impact in the community has been more than generous with over 1,000 childrenl engaged in Congo and several sold out events in the UK. The second edition of Congolese women in Business will be taking place on 9th March 2019.

The seminar’s first edition took place on 31st March 2018, this was created to empower young women and girls in entrepreneurship and positions of leadership. The guest speakers included international model and philanthropist Noella Coursaris, Fashion and branding expert Yolande Letshou, TV presenter Ika de Jong and special guest  Lu Li, from Blooming Founders. 

This sold out event was also featured and aired on Olive TV, Esimbi magazine and on Esimbi magazine’s youtube channel. 

The next event is also filled with inspirational individuals of congolese decent who will share their journey into philanthropy and entrepreneurship. We have chosen and invited these individuals because we believe that if their story has an impact on and empower one individual in the audience, we have done our job correctly. 


  • Congo: Developing our own narrative. Why Congolese people need to promote the country through their own media.
  • Congolese communities: The myths and the realities, what do we really know and say about each other? The divide between the nation and the diaspora.
  • Tourism: The development of an industry filled with potential. Why the lack of promotion of national forests and parks is leading to loss of income and further privatisation of the land 
  • Why and how is education failing young girls in Congo? – a girl is expected to stop or give up her education to have children in 2019. 

By purchasing your ticket, you are sponsoring school materials for children in Congo. Thank you!

Don’t miss out on this important once a year event.

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